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Bellevue Chiropractic Clinic has over 44 years of experience treating over 31,000 patients, including Men’s and Women’s United States Ski Teams, NBA, NFL, NHL & Men’s Para Olympic Swim Team. Dr. John Wisman DC is an award-winning Bellevue Chiropractor & Dr. David Mayes DC is a top-rated Bellevue Chiropractor at RateMDs.

Chiropractor provides effective treatment for back pain and other spinal injuries. At Bellevue Chiropractic clinic, we treat Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Auto Accident Injuries, Whiplash neck pain, Disc Injuries, Osteoarthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatic Pain, TMJ disorders Pain, and  Scoliosis.

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Most major insurance plans include chiropractic care coverage. Select your insurance provider from the list of insurances we accept. Even if your insurance is not listed below, contact us to find out if our practice accepts your insurance. We also offer discounted and sliding scale rates for senior citizens & patients without insurance.

In Network – Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, L&I, Lifewise, Medicare, Premera, Regence/HMA, VA (Dr. Mayes), Kaiser Permanente (If contracted with First Choice Health Care)

Out of Network – UnitedHealthcare, Humana.

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Picture of Dr. John Wisman DC

Dr. John Wisman DC


Dr. John Wisman DC has extensive clinical experience with more than 31000 patients-including complex cases with the Men’s and Women’s United States Ski Teams, Men’s Para Olympic Swim Team, NFL, NBA, and NHL Teams.

 He has been in private practice in the Seattle area for more than 29 years.

He is one of the most experienced doctors globally utilizing Videofluoroscopic imaging (low radiation motion x-rays of the spine). Many professional athletes have found this technology, along with Dr. Wisman’s unique clinical wellness approach to be life-transforming.

From 1999 until 2006, Dr. Wisman provided chiropractic care to the leaders of Thailand and the Chinese Government. He has also been awarded the prestigious award of Chiropractor of the Year.

He did Doctor of Chiropractic(DC) from Palmer College of Chiropractic,1988. He was the post-graduate faculty at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College.

Picture of Dr. David Mayes

Dr. David Mayes


Dr. David Mayes DC has 15 years of experience. He previously worked with physicians at Harry S.Truman Memorial Veteran’s Hospital and many of the area’s veterans.

 He has expertise in Videofluoroscopy (Moving X-rays), extremities and TMD. He did Doctor of Chiropractic(DC) from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2010. He graduated with BA Kinesiology from Kansas State University in 2003. His family’s love of the northwest brought them to the east side of the Seattle metro area, where he happily serves our Bellevue patients. Dr. Mayes has expertise in Pierce Stillwagon chiropractic technique.

Picture of Dr. Rachel Hernal

Dr. Rachel Hernal


Dr. Rachel Hernal completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life Chiropractic College West, following her graduation from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Dr. Hernal is dedicated to assisting patients dealing with migraines/headaches, motor vehicle-related injuries, and TMD. She also takes pleasure in educating patients on basic alignment to address postural dysfunctions. Dr. Hernal specializes in the Pierce Stillwagon and Thompson Drop Table techniques, and she possesses proficiency in Video Fluoroscopy.

Picture of Dr. Fraser Oliver

Dr. Fraser Oliver


Dr. Fraser Oliver earned a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from Life West Chiropractic College with summa cum laude honors. He graduated with a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta.

During his education at Life West, he gained exposure to a diverse range of chiropractic techniques, providing him with ample resources to meet each patient’s needs. As a former varsity collegiate athlete, he is passionate about assisting athletes and weekend warriors in returning to their activities. Specializing in addressing common athletic issues such as shoulder and ankle ailments is his forte.

Picture of Dr. Diba Naweed

Dr. Diba Naweed


Dr. Diba Naweed graduated from Life Chiropractic College West. She studied for her BA in Health Science at St Mary’s College of California.

During her time at Life West, her curiosity about the varying chiropractic techniques and models drove her to take many additional seminars, where she gathered plenty of tools to fit every patient’s needs. She has had extensive training with extremities including the rib cage, shoulders, knees, etc., craniosacral therapy, activator, SOT, and tonal techniques. As a former professional soccer player and coach, she loves to work with athletes and her passion lies in creating a more adaptive athlete for longevity and sustainability. Dr. Naweed honors and is passionate about the chiropractic philosophy that the body is a self-healing organism that without interference, increases in performance and potential.

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  • We offer full body Chiropractic adjustment, including chiropractic back adjustment, neck adjustment, cervical adjustment, spinal adjustment, shoulder adjustment, lower back pain adjustment, and hip adjustment.
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What We Treat?

Imagine balancing a 12 lb. bowling ball on the tips of your fingers.

Our necks work incredibly hard to support the weight of our head. Any shift or slight misalignment can obstruct it’s ability to move fluidly and without pain.

What causes neck pain?

Stiffness, soreness, and headaches are all symptoms of neck pain. These symptoms result from behavioral or environmental factors often out of our control. In addition to this, physical or emotional stress can add to the seriousness of the pain felt. All of these factors create tension in your neck. When your neck muscles tense, headaches set in and mobility becomes limited.

Chiropractic Alleviates Neck Pain

A persons first reaction to neck pain usually involves taking a pain reliever. While effective for dulling the pain, pain relievers do not address the root cause of the discomfort and instead create a false sense of health until the drug subsides and the pain returns.

Chiropractic adjustments ease the tension in the neck and restore the mobility your neck needs to function properly. Contact our office to schedule a consultation about your neck pain. Some patients experience immediate relief. Read More 

Pain of any kind is a signal that something’s amiss.  In addition to this, physical or emotional stress can add to the seriousness of the pain felt.

Some people silence their symptoms with a pain reliever and ignore the message. But that would be like removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector!

What causes back pain?

Back pain is a general term that can describe any number of conditions. The two most common are limited mobility between the nerve-rich facet joints in your back, and a disc related condition like herniation.

Spinal trauma can cause or worsen the conditions.

Chiropractic Alleviates Back Pain

Back pain can be dealt with any number of ways. You can choose to ignore it, treat it with bed rest, medicine, and surgery or seek to remedy it the natural way with chiropractic.

Our doctors start by pinpointing the area of pain to determine which adjustment will bring the most benefit. Before seeking aggressive surgery or pain killers with side effects, schedule a consultation with our doctors to determine if chiropractic is right for you. Read More

Headaches are Common, but they’re not normal.

What causes headaches?

A headache can be a result of both environmental and behavioural influences. The large majority of headaches can be a result of tension that builds in the cervical (neck) region during a sedentary lifestyle. By restoring mobility and realigning the cervical bones, relief from throbbing, debilitating headaches can be achieved.

Chiropractic Alleviates Headaches

When the spinal bones in your neck fail to support your head properly, you experience a limited range of motion. These subluxations can affect your nerve and muscle behaviour. Careful examination of your range of motion and headache severity will allow our doctors to determine the best chiropractic treatment for your type of condition. Schedule an appointment today. 

The painful result of a scary situation.

Whiplash is usually associated with the sudden movement experienced during an auto accident. What effect does whiplash have on your neck and how do you rectify it?

How does whiplash affect your body?

The rapid forward motion experienced in an injury or auto accident will leave lasting effects on your neck. Whiplash results in neck tension, decreased range of motion, and muscle stiffness. Pain may radiate from the base of the neck throughout the shoulder and upper back region.

Chiropractic Eases Whiplash

Chiropractic adjustments restore mobility to your neck with precise, gentle pressure. Misalignments are discovered and addressed immediately to facilitate the healing of the strained muscles in your neck.

Consider chiropractic treatment for any whiplash you’ve experienced to minimize the use of pain killers. Schedule an appointment today. Read More

A disc can’t slip…

But it can wedge, bulge, protrude and herniate. Chiropractic care may help.

What is a herniated disc?

Our spinal bones contain soft, jelly like centers that provide a cushion between the other vertebrae along the spine. A slipped disc, or herniated disc as it’s more commonly known, occurs when the jelly-like substance contained inside the bone leaks through a tear in the degenerated disc. Disc degeneration can occur as a result of age or improper structural care.

Chiropractic First

Chiropractic adjustments realign the spine and restore mobility that alleviates the pressure caused by herniated discs. Ask our doctors if the chiropractic regiment used to alleviate a herniated disc is right for you. We also offer spinal decompression. Complimentary MRI review to see if you are a candidate for spinal decompression. Read More

Osteoarthritis can be extremely painful, and can often lead to a chronic condition if it is not treated. Symptoms of Osteoarthritis usually peak when the weather is colder or when patients engage in physical activities. Chiropractic care of stretching, strengthening and gentle manipulation of painful joints can help reduce stress, stiffness and pain. Call us today to begin the process of a pain free life.

Chiropractic care doesn’t treat allergies.So why do so many people with allergies mention that they see improvement by receiving care in our practice?

It’s Not the Pollen

Many people are not aware of the connection between your nervous and immune systems. A nervous system that does not function properly does not communicate effectively and impedes your body’s ability to fight infections viruses or other conditions.

Allergic reactions are abnormal responses from your immune system to an object it recognizes as foreign. How can chiropractic mitigate the affect of allergies on your body?

Chiropractic and the Nervous System

Chiropractic seeks to restore the connection between your nervous and immune systems. By adjusting your structural integrity your body performs optimally alleviating certain symptoms of allergies.

We’d love to discuss your specific allergy issue and how chiropractic may help.

Chiropractic techniques that work with the spine can be applied to other joints of the body.

What causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?

CTS is a condition where your hand experiences a numbness, pain, or tingling as a result of a pinched nerve that travels through the wrist.

The median nerve, one of the main nerves of your hand, originates in your neck and travels through a thin and rigid region in your wrist known as the carpal tunnel. When the carpal bones at the base of your wrist move closer together, the tissues surrounding the median nerve become inflamed causing the carpal tunnel to narrow.

The nerve becomes pinched, causing the person to experience the numbing sensation that radiates pain throughout the hand.

Chiropractic Eases Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Overuse of the wrist and related joints throughout the hand and arm are a common cause of CTS. By assessing the positioning and flexion of the wrist, a chiropractor will perform adjustments that alleviate tension and realign the carpal bones, allowing the tissue inflammation pinching the nerve to subside over time.

Seeking chiropractic treatment first can help you avoid the side-effects experienced from pain killers, steroids, or surgery. Allow us to treat the root of your pain in a natural way. Read More

The Power of the Nervous System

Our nervous systems communicate with our immune systems more frequently than assumed. Ensuring the health of our nervous system allows us to proactively avoid ear infections.

What causes ear infections?

The virus or bacterium that causes an ear infection can be the lingering result of a cold or flu. Inflammation and fluid discharge are the initial symptoms. Typically, children will experience ear infections more frequently than adults.

Ear infections usually form in the Eustachian tube, a narrow passage that runs from the middle portion of your ear to the back of your throat.

Chiropractic Eases Ear Infections

Many of the nerves that regulate the ear originate from the stem of the brain. Tense nerves can impede the body’s ability to drain the fluid caused by the ear infection. By addressing any cervical or spinal misalignments present in a persons body, nerves are allowed to function properly and more efficiently fight the bacterium that cause the infection.

Ear infections tend to subside on their own or through the implementation of an antibiotic regiment. As chiropractors, we’re interested in preventative care that allows a persons body to function optimally. By doing so, we hope to prevent the contraction of ear infections altogether by optimizing structural and nerve health.

Consider chiropractic care as an adjunct to traditional medical therapy to ensure the optimal health of you and your child.

The sciatic nerve originates in the lower back and runs the length of your hips down through each leg. A traumatic injury, excessive sitting or poor structural health, among other reasons, can cause a spinal disc to pinch the nerve as it runs along your spine. This pinched nerve sends a debilitating shock down either one of your legs repeatedly. By improving mobility and correcting misalignments in the lower back, the symptoms of sciatica can be diminished or alleviated. Herniated or protruding discs can be effectively treated to allow the release of the pinched nerve. A thorough examination of your body’s current structural health will reveal whether or not chiropractic adjustments can improve your sciatica and help you avoid surgery. Read More 

Many people experience some sort of jaw-related pain or even a temporomandibular disorder (TMD). In fact, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) estimates that 10 million Americans have a TMD. Additionally, around 75 percent of the U.S. population may experience one or more symptoms of a TMD. For the past 25 years we have teamed up with local dentists and ENTs treating TMJ disorders. Discover why chiropractic is a viable treatment option for this common condition.

A subtle threat with huge effects

Physical Stress and Mental Stress

Stress enters our lives in two forms: physical and mental. Physical stress, like injuries or repetitive motions, damage our structural health and as a result affect our body’s biomechanics.

Mental stress is often more prolonged. As a result, it’s responsible for the release of more chemicals throughout your body. Cortisol, a stress hormone naturally produced by your body, tenses muscles and prepares the body for a ‘fight-or-flight’ scenario.

Long, repetitive periods of mental stress can wreak havoc on your body and leave you in physical pain.

Chiropractic Manages Stress

The effect of stress on the body can be managed by chiropractic care. Adjustments fix the vertebral subluxations caused by long, tense periods of mental stress or the impactful damage caused by physical injury.

We’re ready to restore your body to its optimal health. Contact us and experience relief now.

If you listen to your body when it talks to you, you won’t have to listen when it screams.

What is your body telling you?

Our bodies communicate with us every second of every day. If something is amiss, your body will let you know with the onset of pain or discomfort. But why wait until your body communicates with you to start treating it right?

We promote proactive wellness.

Chiropractic Promotes Overall Wellbeing.

Good health is defined as consistent physical, mental, and social well-being. Optimal overall health can only be attained through regular maintenance of your body. Chiropractic care addresses the root of your health problems by ensuring your body is communicating and functioning properly.

Give us a call to schedule a routine checkup. Don’t wait until your body screams!

Children are some of the biggest beneficiaries of chiropractic care.


Those who think of chiropractic as primarily a solution for neck and back problems are surprised to learn that chiropractic can be helpful for many types of childhood health problems.

Nervous System Disturbances.

The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body, controls and regulates the entire body. Many childhood health problems are merely the result of nervous system interference, usually along the spine.

Our gentle adjusting techniques help reduce these disturbances so your child’s body can resume working as it was designed. Better health is the natural result when the brain and body have clear communication pathways.

Chiropractic and Children

Upon examination, we often find nerve disturbances associated with many types of common childhood health complaints.

While the effects of these nervous system compromises go by a variety of names, chiropractic is not a treatment for them! Our primary aim is to locate and reduce the underlying nervous system dysfunction.

Infertility. Even before birth, restoring nervous system control of reproductive organs has blessed many chiropractic patients with the child they thought was impossible.

Traumatic Birth. Have your newborn checked shortly after birth to detect the effects of in-utero constraint, C-section, vacuum extraction or other aspects of a stressful birth.

Colic. Birth trauma, even from so-called “natural” birthing experiences can often produce a child’s first nerve compromise. Lacking the ability to communicate, your baby cries. And cries.

Ear infections. Biomechanical restrictions in the upper spine can compromise the nervous system and immune system, making your child’s ears a breeding ground for viral infection.

Bedwetting. Nervous system compromise in the lower back can block nerve messages responsible for bladder control. Many children regain their confidence and self-esteem with chiropractic care.

ADHD. Many parents investigate conservative chiropractic care before exposing their children to psychotropic drugs. Reducing tension to the nervous system has produced excellent results for many.

Asthma. By reducing neurological compromise to the bronchial tubes, lungs and diaphragm with chiropractic care, attacks can often be reduced or eliminated.

Growing Pains. Pain of any type is a warning that something isn’t right. While considered a “phase they’re going through,” it’s usually a sign that biomechanical stress to the nervous system is present.

Scoliosis. Instead of crude bracing or the all too common “wait and watch” approach, chiropractic care has helped countless children with this common disfigurement.

Wellness. An obvious symptom isn’t required! Enjoy the peace of mind of having your infant or child checked to uncover structural or neurological problems before they become serious.

Many of the hard-to-correct problems we see in adults are long-standing problems that beganand remained undetected in childhood. If you have questions, use the email link below arrange a  consultation

Manage the severity of your symptoms

The Nervous System and PMS

As chiropractors, we focus on the alignment of the vertebrae within your body and how your nervous system is affected by the positioning of that vertebrae.

Premenstrual syndrome is one such condition that may benefit from better nerve communication throughout your body.

‍Chiropractic Eases PMS

Chiropractic does not claim to be a treatment for PMS but it can still offer insight about the symptoms women experience. By removing nerve interference, the body is able to more effectively manage the natural cycles it experiences every month.

‍Speak with our doctors about managing your PMS with effective chiropractic treatment.

Breath Easier

Asthma patients have described an increase in their respiratory ability after experiencing chiropractic care. Why?

What is asthma?

Asthma is a condition marked by the build up of mucus in the lungs and the narrowing of your airways. A combination of genetic and environmental factors contribute to the onset of asthma. While incurable, it is traditionally managed with medication and an avoidance of triggers that lead to asthma attacks.

How does chiropractic care lessen the symptoms?

Adjustments performed on asthma patients target the thoracic (rib) cage and seek to increase the mobility in that region. By mobilizing these areas, patients can experience increased blood flow throughout the body and higher lymphatic activity. Lymph, the white chemical that flows through the body as part of the immune system, returns protein to your blood and clears bacteria from your bloodstream making it an invaluable resource in the fight against asthma attacks.

Scoliosis is an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine.

It begins as a postural distortion and may become a permanent deformity. Allowed to advance, it may interfere with the lungs, heart and many other vital organs.

What causes scoliosis?

The formation of scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, can be attributed to hereditary, congenital, or neuromuscular conditions, and traumatic injuries. It’s an incurable condition that needs to be managed to prevent the worsening of symptoms.

Especially severe cases of scoliosis are marked by a twist in the spine measuring over 50 degrees, causing the rib cage to affect your lung and heart functions.

Scoliosis is typically detected in children as they experience a growth spurt during puberty. With consistent monitoring and treatment, the curvature can be minimized as the child enters adulthood.

Chiropractic is the Natural Approach

Painful surgery and the wearing of unsightly braces are typically the end treatments for scoliosis. With a consistent schedule of chiropractic adjustments, a patient may experience an improvement in their spinal structure that allows the muscles to be retrained.

Stronger muscles and improved alignment through chiropractic may improve posture as well. Talk to our doctors about avoiding surgery and healing the natural way. Read More

Community Engagement | Bellevue Chiropractic

Dr. John Wisman DC, Dr. Alumbaugh, and Dr. Eckroth volunteer with Northshore Senior Center by holding free seminars for seniors. Seniors are more vulnerable to falls and can prevent them by simple techniques to manage their balance. Dr. John Wisman DC has a mission to help pastors live longer. He volunteers at over 100 churches.

Northshore Senior Center

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Patients are like an extended family to us. We deeply care about every patient and provide unparalleled experience. We have over 44 years of experience and leverage latest technology for diagnosis. 

We treat back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc injuries, Sciatic pain radiating into the legs, auto injuries and more. You can read more here.

Videofluoroscopy is a low exposure moving x-ray used to pinpoint abnormal spinal motion. Abnormal movement in the spine correlates with neck pain, headaches, vertigo, TMJ pain, carpal tunnel and lower back pain. It has a high inter examiner reliability which means it allows the doctor to be very accurate when diagnosing problems. We believe is speeds up the results and shortens treatment plans. It is used in many medical and chiropractic offices. Many insurances cover it.

There is no fine print, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee for our treatment.

We are open on Saturday so we are able to accommodate select Saturday appoinments.

Achieve Optimal Wellness with a Top-Rated Chiropractor in Bellevue, WA

Back and neck pain can have a profound impact on our lives, potentially leading to serious consequences if not properly addressed. That’s where the expertise of our best chiropractor in Bellevue comes in. Through their safe, natural, and scientifically proven techniques, chiropractic care offers a path to healing and relief.

We will bring you back to normal life. We also collaborate with ENT doctors and Bellevue Azalea Dentistry as needed to address ear pain, headaches & jaw pain.

Dr. John Wisman DC has been given prestigious award of Chiropractor of the Year.

In 2019, Dr. John Wisman DC is rated #1 of 136 chiropractors of Bellevue,WA by RateMDs organization.

Dr. David Mayes is rated as top Chiropractor by RateMDs organization.