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Finding out that you’re pregnant is exciting news, but at the same time, it can be scary for the first-timers. Every mother wants to make sure that her baby develops and grows healthfully. However, the physical changes in the female body to accommodate the development can cause discomfort and pain. That’s where prenatal chiropractic care comes into place. Dr. John Wisman DC is the best Chiropractor in Bellevue, WA, who can help you reduce the aches and discomfort that pregnancy causes using the Webster technique. This article discusses how this technique works, what benefits it brings to the table, and how Bellevue Chiropractic can help. 

What Is the Webster Technique?

Webster technique is a part of chiropractic medicine, and a pregnancy chiropractor administers it. It’s important to note that Webster Technique isn’t a baby flipping method. The chiropractor will alleviate sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacral subluxation through this technique. It ensures better neuro-biomechanical function and helps the mother stiffen up her muscles and ligaments in the pelvis. 

Webster Technique is less invasive as compared to the obstetric approach. Unfortunately, there are many mistruths and myths associated with this technique. For example, some call it a turning technique, and others claim it can induce early labor or trap the baby in the umbilical cord. But the fact of the matter is that none of these are true. 

The Benefits of Prenatal care in Bellevue

There are many benefits that chiropractic prenatal care methods such as Webster Technique offer to pregnant women. Removing the subluxations is the main goal of this technique that helps the baby to move. According to an NCBI study, 3 to 4 percent of babies don’t turn and have a “head up” and “feet down” position. It’s known as breech position. Webster Technique is a very effective and safe method because the chiropractor doesn’t apply any external force to the baby. Instead, it’s a gentle way to help both the baby and mother.

Here’s a list of the benefits of the Webster Technique that can keep both the baby and mother in good health before birth.

  • To aid the mother in birthing, it helps the baby have room to turn
  • It decreases the chances of dystocia and birth trauma
  • It makes giving birth less painful
  • Reduces the chances of having a cesarean section
  • Allows the baby’s cranium, spine, and skeletal structure to grow more naturally
  • Aids in faster recovery after birth as compared to c-section births
  • It helps the mother to have a normal uterine cycle to reduce the risk of a painful birth
  • It keeps the vital nervous system healthier for the mother, and she feels fewer pains, aches, and other discomforts that are caused by pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, then consider scheduling your appointment by contacting Bellevue Chiropractic right now. It’s never too late, and you can discuss your chiropractic treatment options with Dr. John Wisman DC whenever you want.

How Can Bellevue Chiropractic Clinic Help Pregnant Mothers?

If you need prenatal care and are looking for a chiropractor in Bellevue, consider contacting Bellevue Chiropractic. Here you’ll get the best chiropractic treatment from experienced chiropractor Dr. John Wisman DC. He’ll work his best to help you deal with any type of discomfort you’re experiencing so that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. You must not ignore any kind of pain you’re having in your pregnancy and contact the doctor as soon as possible. 

Whether you need chiropractic treatment for prenatal care or other medical condition such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, whiplash auto accident injuries, scoliosis, herniated disc, vertigo, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, bursitis, or tendonitis, Bellevue Chiropractic has got you covered.

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