Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis In Bellevue, WA

Spinal Stenosis Chiropractor

Spinal stenosis is a severe health condition that many people experience today. If you have been experiencing back pain that is also causing pain in your hands, feet, legs, and arms, chances are you have spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is the contraction of the spaces in the spine, and it results in associated nerve pain, which can have a severe impact on your daily life and activity. Dr. John Wisman DC offers the best chiropractic treatment, and he has years of experience backing his work. He has been providing chiropractic care for spinal stenosis patients to reduce nerve pain and enhance daily function. To get the best solution for your spinal stenosis, you should book an appointment with Dr. John Wisman DC, a Bellevue chiropractic care provider.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinal Stenosis Treatment

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

According to NCBI studySpinal stenosis is a common health condition when the bone channel holds the spinal cord and spinal nerves narrow. The spinal narrowing puts pressure on the nerves, which travel in the entire affected area. Normally, this health condition is caused by normal wear and tear. It is also a type of osteoarthritis. The symptoms of this condition are common among people that are 50 years and above. 

A herniated or bulging disk, a bony overgrowth, or thickened ligaments can also cause spinal stenosis. This health condition does not always showcase symptoms. However, when it presents symptoms, it can be debilitating and harrowing. To help ease the pain, Dr. John Wisman DC will carry out a simple approach that involves spinal manipulation. Chiropractic care is one of the best solutions to this health condition. It corrects and re-aligns dislocated and herniated discs.

What Are the Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis?

The symptoms of spinal stenosis might differ from one patient to another. At first, it might feel mild. However, as time goes, the symptoms will start to worsen. The places the symptoms are felt are also different from one patient to another. You will most likely feel the signs where the spinal nerves and spinal cords are narrowing. 

Most of the symptoms might happen in and around the neck area for those suffering  from cervical spinal stenosis. Some of those symptoms might include neck pain, problems with balance and gait, and weakness in the arms, legs, feet, and arms. Those suffering lumbar spinal stenosis would likely feel the symptoms on their lower body, including back pain, pain, or cramp in their legs when they walk or stand for an extended period, and weakness, numbness, or pins-and-needles sensations in a leg or foot. 

How does Chiropractic Care Address Spinal Stenosis?

Chiropractic care has proven to be very effective at treating spinal stenosis. According to research, chiropractic care helps to reduce and enhance function in persons with this health condition. Fortunately, Dr. John Wisman DC has a better way of treating spinal stenosis. Instead of drug therapy, he uses a whole-body approach. With this approach, he will alleviate any symptoms or pain of spinal stenosis. With gentle spinal manipulation, this approach will release the spinal column and minimize pressure on the nerves. 

He might also suggest decompression therapy, which can help to open the spaces in your spine. This would help to reduce or eliminate pain. The chiropractor in Bellevue can also use other approaches such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, massage, and hot and cold therapy. 

These approaches also come in handy in reducing the pain of spinal stenosis. He will also recommend stretches and exercises that can help to reduce pain and increase function. This health condition impairs the nerves, and this can result in other health issues and minimize life quality as well. You should contact Dr. John Wisman DC for chiropractic care for spinal stenosis to prevent this from happening.


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